State Of Emergency Protest:

Day Of Rage Against The Cuts

Student / Labor / Community Rally Against Budget Cuts

Thursday, March 24 at 5 PM

Rally at City Hall at 5 PM, March to Wall Street at 6 PM

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Jobs, Not Layoffs!
Affordable Housing Now!
No Cuts to Social Services!
No Union-Busting or Privatization!
Stop the School Closings!
End Mayoral Control and Fire Cathleen Black!
Extend the Millionaire’s Tax!
Close Corporate Tax Loopholes!
Bring Back the Stock Transfer Tax!

Local/feeder protests:

Endorsed by:
Anakbayan New York/New Jersey
Bail Out The People Movement
Bronx Green Party
Catholic Scholars for Workers Justice
Center for Immigrant Families
Citywide Coalition for Educational Excellence Now
Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública
Community/Farmworker Alliance
Community Voices Heard
CUNY Mobilization Network
DC 37
DC 1707
December 12th Movement
Democratic Socialists of America
Fight Imperialism Stand Together
Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment-GABRIELA USA
Freedom Party
Freedom Socialist Party
Grassroots Education Movement
Hunger Action Network
Hunter Fights Back
IBT 808
Independent Community of Educators
International Action Center
International Socialist Organization
Manhattan Green Party
May 1st Coalition
Million Workers March Movement-East
Movimiento Independiente de Trabajadores
New York City Labor Against the War
New York Collective of Radical Educators
New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
Organization for a Free Society
Our Schools NYC
Philippine Forum New York
Queens College STAND
Radical Women
Social Workers for a Free CUNY
Socialist Party
South Bronx Community Congress
Students for Educational Rights
Students Without Borders
Teachers for a Just Contract
Teachers Unite
TWU 100
TWU 100 Woman’s Committee
UAW Region 9A
United National Antiwar Committee
UUP Brooklyn Health Science-SUNY/Downstate Chapter
Workers World Party


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State Of Emergency Protest:

Day Of Rage Against The Cuts


23 Responses to “March 24 Protest”

  1. Tim Dubnau said

    see u all there.

  2. Dan Anderson said

    Can’t wait, solidarity!

  3. Robert Hernandez said

    In Solidarity there is power and that power comes within the people. It is all of us who struggle to put food on our table, clothing on our backs, a roof over our heads.

    We will not allow a very small few obscenely rich to take away all that we have fought for. This is truly a class war, my brothers and sisters and we will win!!! Power To The People, In Solidarity with everyone around the world.

  4. SUNY Stony Brook stands to defend Public Education. Please share the information of our conference on March 18th, we will like to join the 24th strike.

  5. Sarah P. said

    We, the workers, who keep the gears turning in our economy- keep things running in every workplace, should be able to control our own fate! The conditions under which we work, the quality of our children’s education, the way in which OUR tax dollars are used to benefit the whole of society. If we are being made to pay for a recession and a budget deficit we didn’t cause – then we need to fight back. Even if you are not the one collecting food stamps, or being laid off, or the parent of the child who’s school is closing, the senior who’s center is being shut down – AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL and if we aren’t heard, WE NEED TO PLAN FOR US, WORKERS, TO SHUT DOWN THE STATE. MAKE YOUR DEMANDS, NEEDS, & EXPERIENCES HEARD!

  6. Matthew Cunningham-Cook said

    let’s bring wisconsin here!

  7. Deon Hamer said

    It’s time to stand up and fight back or bend over and keep taking it.

  8. Good luck and good wishes to all participants.
    I would very much like to see some contingent in the march with a focus aimed at putting the Glass-Steagall firewall back in place.

    Perhaps Buffy the Wall Street Vampire Slayer should march armed with some 1933 Holy Water,
    (it was a very good year)
    she might also have poster sign
    “Wall Street Has No Reflection!”.

    best regards
    Al the Electrician

    • Zoe Ferguson said

      Al the electrician
      after Clinton took Glass-Steagall down(nobody old enough to remember why or what it is noticed) Only those who learn our history (Glass-Steagall) predicted this economic situation to a scary level. The Democrats dont want to sully their image further by calling out Clinton. The act(Glass-Steagall) and the repercussions should be front page not the middle east.We cant help any others if we cant help ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Our Schools would like to endorse this event.

  10. Jeffrey Brewer said

    Count us in.

  11. Is there a band for the rally? I have one!

    • Doug Singsen said

      The Rude Mechanical Orchestra will be there, but there will probably be room for two. We can’t offer any stage time, though, so the music would really be confined to the march only. What kind of band is it?

      • We are a funk jazz band. In the past labor rallies have had stage bands that play in between speakers to keep crowd energized, and that’s been very effective. Not doing that this time around?

      • Doug Singsen said

        It’s a good idea, but 1) we have too many speakers already and 2) I think it’s too late to revise our plans for the day of.

  12. Jm Savastuk said

    Power To The People. There are more of us than them.
    See you there!

  13. Patricia Dobosz said

    The Independent Community of Educators (ICE) would like to endorse this important rally against the cuts that are being called for. Our members will be there in solidarity and support.

    Thank you.

  14. Gregory said

    Freedom, equality, solidarity! An injury one is an injury to all.

    Nations are built on the back of the workers, those who grow our food, build our infrastructure, teach our students, and ensure our society continues to function. In a just society, they have a right to good schools, good health, and all the other things we associate with a free society.

    Its time to stand together–not just to protect our rights, but to demand more from those who would have nothing if not for the American worker.

    We the people live in a country that has so many problems it doesn’t deserve, and yet has so many solutions that it doesn’t apply.

    It is time to rebuild our communities, reinvigorate our local economies, and revitalize our bonds of fellowship!

  15. Donald McClenaghan said

    So… did you guys overturn the gubbmint yet?

  16. Keith_J said

    “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
    -Margaret Thatcher

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